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Democratic Republic of Congo




Areas Where We Work


Bandundu Province
In Kikwit,
A city located in Western Congo 
CACPD partners with :

  • Tous Unis Pour Batir, TUBA, a local organization focusing on community and economic development organization.

    Work focus on:
  • Supporting the rebuilding of neighborhood infrastructures for public safety and
  • Economic development



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DRC capital

CACPD partners with:

  • Réseau  des Femmes Mennonite du Congo, (a Congolese Mennonite Women ‘s Network of 20 organizations)

Work Focus on:

  • Women’s Literacy
  •  Community and Economic Development
  • Vocational Training

    Ngota Vocational Training Center

Work Focus on:

  • Youth Job Training and Retraining
      • Cooperative Agricole de Maluku (Maluku Farmers' Cooperative)

 Work Focus on:

  • Agriculture
  • Food Security
  • Seeds distribution

     Centre pour la Résolution des Conflits, Gouvernance et leadership, CPLB,  

Work focus on :

  • Community Peace and Reconciliation
  • Governance
  • Leadership

Association Mennonite de Developpement, AMED
Work focus on:

  • Institution Building
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Health care

Kinshasa Location Map

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Eastern Congo

North Kivu

Ligue des jeunes des Grands Lacs, JGL
Work focus On:

  •  Civic Education
  •  Human Rights
  •  Peace and Reconciliation


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South Kivu
Conseil Pour la Paix et la Reconciliation, COPARE
Work Focus on:

  •  Peace and Reconciliation
  •  Trauma Healing Awareness
  •  Restorative Justice


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United States
CACPD work focus is on:

Partnering with congolese Diaspora
Speaking Engagements
Membership in different coalitions


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