About Us

The  Congolese American Council for Peace and Development is a network of organizations and individuals including experts, journalists, academics, diplomats, entrepreneurs and community organizers sharing their knowledge and understandings  of issues and policies related to Congo’s peace, Restorative justice and sustainable development.

 Board and Staffs

 Executive Director:
Fidele Ayu Lumeya -  Click here to view Bio

Board members:
Nganga Donald - Vice President
Rev. Kisongo Mbeleulu - Click here view Bio
Dr. Powell DeLois - President
Dr. N’djimbo Vicky
Ir. Rose Lumenga
Leny Ilondo
Mr. Camile and Mrs. Therese Munganga

In 1998, a group of Congolese living in US (Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C), and Americans met to advocate for the end of wars in DR- Congo and the  whole Great Lakes region and the re-establishment of peace and stability in the whole region. At the end of wars in Congo and the whole great lakes region, the group decided to tackle the post-conflict reconstruction challenges by adding the development continuum approach which includes: Peace, Justice and Sustainable Developmen.

Between 2005-2007 thanks to their advocacy work and outcome, CACPD received grants from Edna Wardlaw Trust.

You wonder how this organization came to life? Here’s our history.  Almost a year after the first war led by Laurent Kabila that started  in November 1996 and ended in May 1997 with the end of 32 year of Mobutu’s regime, in August 2 ,1998, Congo-Kinshasa found itself in a second war  that created a complex humanitarian emergencies.

Recognizing the threat to global peace that this deadly war represented a group of Congolese, living in what is called as the United States Great Metropolitan Areas including, Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia came together with their Americans friends, with interest in Congo, to advocate for the end of war in Congo and the Great lakes Region as a court term solution and Peace, Justice and development as a Long term solution to war. What happened then is a success story one has to be proud of. Thanks to track one and multi track diplomacy Congo went to election and has today an elected governing body.

Building on lessons learned and best practices, aware of the post-conflict reconstruction challenges one has to meet the group decided to structure itself and became a not for profit organization or a non governmental organization, ONG, they named the Congolese and Americans Council for Peace and Development, CACPD.

CACPD is based in Maryland and has partners in Congo and in US. Partnership and Networking has been adopted as a strategic approach for effectiveness and efficiency, to support what is known in Congo as the local initiatives for peace and development Organization, LIPDO. And, Congo for Peace and Justice is a social marketing tool of CACPD. Beside fund raising, speaking engagement, CACPD members make their personal financial contribution to support their field work etc…

Today, CACPD is one of the leading Congolese and American organization using what is called a development Continuum , one of the Congolese and American organization officially registered in US and in Congo, one of the Congolese and American organization based in US working for justPeace and Development, and one of the most respected Congolese non for profit organizations with successful field expertise . What then is the CACPD mission, goals and objectives?