Intersectionality Peacebuilding and Trauma Studies

by admin on August 31, 2017

Intersectional Peacebuilding and Trauma Studies at Congo Ubuntu Peacebuilding Center in Kinshasa-Mbama/IPN/ DR Congo/2019
The Center seeks to partner with other Peacebuilding Institute or Center interested in research, teach and collaborate on the intertwined roles of intersectionality, Peacebuilding and Trauma in sustaining long lasting peaceful communities.
We now know more about communities are conflict-ridden but less how communities are long lasting peaceful communities.
We are particularly interested in those partners who examine long lasting Peaceful communities.

How Top Leadership, Middle Range Leaders and Grassroots Leaders relate to each other to sustain Peace and create long lasting Peaceful communities. We have expertise and knowledge of the Great Lakes Region of Africa and the ethnic communities living in this region.
How the long lasting Peaceful communities have dealt with Trauma is another area of interest to us.
Currently we have developed a Peace Matrix as tool to conduct our research.
The Center will share lessons learned and organize conferences to share best practices

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