Prevention, Detection and Protection a Pronk approach to the Defense of Press Freedom

by admin on August 24, 2014

arrestedby: Fidele Ayu Lumeya

There is no reason journalists should be arrested, jailed and even killed other than a legislative reform in many countries that takes into account the key role journalists plays in human activities of daily lives for Journalist are light bearers, salt and Sheep. I will discuss the three metaphors explain how a legislature reform is the exit strategy for the defense of press freedom.

 On Light

Journalists are not light as Christ’s followers are called to be. They instead are light bearers the same way an Olympic torch bearer can be. They shine a very positive, crystal clear light on the human daily life activities and events. Journalists cover different issues including sport, death, tragedy, politics, environment, safety, security, law, time, social, democracy, governance, transparency to accountability etc… all of these light’s shedding on issues mainly that of human life should be viewed as blessings as long as journalist stay objective. But objectivity of journalism has become questionable when objectivity takes away humanity of journalist in demanding that journalist cannot bring their opinions on issues, journalist cannot show emotions, or sympathy. If objectivity is the end game of journalism then journalists are deprived of humanity as they do not share, in the name of objectivity, feelings such as emotions that are common to any human beings. Can advocacy for freedom of journalist be focused on building a bridge between objectivity and humanity of journalist? How does Journalist deal with their mental health after covering a deadliest war or a genocide has been underreported for the reason that the unrealistic public image of a Journalist should be protect for when this public image cannot be protect it become like salt that has lost its flavor. Let me then discuss my second metaphor: Journalism and Salt.

 On Journalism and Salt

   The traditional journalism was about being taught how to be objective. A journalist who expressed his/her own opinions were compared to salt that has lost its flavor. And when salt has lost its flavor it is said that it is not only thrown out but tramped. Most journalists have lost either their jobs or their lives because they have “lost” the flavor of Journalism.

 On Journalists as Sheep

It will be a public scandal to watch a journalist carrying a gun. The public image of journalist is that of a sheep. They cannot defend themselves and even if they can there are not allowed although they are send to work sometimes in the middle of the “wolf “.  How then we protect the freedom of Journalists? Prevention, detection and protection. Prevention has always been a powerful tool to combat any disease or threat. Through training to identify threats we can prevent the danger most journalists are facing when doing their jobs. Detection will aim to collect intelligence, study and analyze information about the danger the journalists are facing. Protection through legislation reform that includes the right of journalist.
























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